Love You Mom Bathroom Accessories Set (Ceramic)
Love You Mom Bathroom Accessories Set (Ceramic)Love You Mom Bathroom Accessories Set (Ceramic)

Love You Mom Bathroom Accessories Set (Ceramic)

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This two piece, ceramic bathroom set will add the perfect splash of color to any bathroom. This set includes one pump dispenser, ideal for soap or lotion, and one toothbrush holder with four holes. Although originally designed for toothbrushes, the holder will also hold make-up brushes, nail files, and other bathroom tools. Both pieces of the set are made of white ceramic with a glossy finish.The dispenser has a brushed stainless nozzle and plastic pumping mechanism. The top easily screws off and on to refill. The toothbrush holder is one solid piece with four holes on top and one hole on the base. The top four holes measure 3/4 inch in diameter, and the hole at the base is 1 inch in diameter. The design does NOT wrap all the way around. There is about a one inch white stripe on the back of both items. This set can be personalized with a design, name or monogram or both. You can change the color and front until its especially and perfectly your own. Order two and create a his and her. About the Design====================================This design is perfect for Mother’s Day and to show your mother how much you really love your mom! Our design background have the words Love & Mom; and the word Mom in inside a heart. We added our ribbon with hearts; we chose to use pinks and white and we chose to use a large label with the words ‘Mom, you are the wind beneath my wings’. We do design to give you ideas. If you love our ideas, you purchase and approve and you are done. You can always customize the designs to suit your needs. Mom does not like pink – change them to purples or whatever colors she likes. The words don’t reflect your message to your mom – change it and put in you very own message.Didn’t find what you had in mind? No worries; contact us and we can custom design something just for you.Features:====================================* Custom Printed with Your Design


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